What makes our travel experiences one-of-a-kind, is the people we meet along the way, and the places we stumble across when we're lost.  Below is a listing of some of our favorite 'unkown' and 'off-the-map' places.  

St Germain - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Nestled on a quiet corner of the cobbled streets of Old San Juan lays a small bistro with big character.  St. Germain is known to locals and tourists for the cozy atmosphere, friendly service, and delicious French and European cuisine. Our taste buds jumped out of our mouths when we fell in love with their apple and potato soup. Yes, apple and potato!! Sounds odd, tastes out of this world! The overstuffed crepes are delicious and various.  We had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Paola, who was also dining that night.  She was very friendly and informed us of her additional venues on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The Mezzanine is a jazz bar with the atmosphere of an old school parlor with important old photos along the dark painted walls and oversized chairs. A real romantic spot for dessert on date night.  The rooftop terrace at Al Fresco is the ultimate place to end the night with drinks and a view of the colorful Old San Juan buildings. 

Blue Horizon Boutique Resort - Vieques, Puerto Rico

WE HAD THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE AT THE BLUE HORIZON!  As world travelers, we have stayed in numerous places, but few make our list of favorites like this one. Jeannette welcomed us with sincere enthusiasm and hospitality. Our room was spacious, felt very private, and was comfortable. 

The property is STUNNING. It's very well maintained, and the wild horses out front give it a nice touch.  There is a sense of serenity to the resort. It's small enough to where it feels quaint, but spacious enough to where it feels secluded.  We felt alone, but not abandoned, a perfect combination.  The Main Room and dinning room exhume the outdoor living concept. The lines between shelter and nature are blurred to perfection. Breakfast was delicious and the menu has many options to chose from. It was a bit over priced but you're on an island so consider transportation costs of transporting food/goods.  

Lo Sfizio - Capri, Italy

After seeing all the tourist trap cafes offering a salad for 19 euros, we decided to walk, get lost, then ask a local where they eat lunch.  The result was Lo Sfizio; a tucked away restaurant with outdoor seating under the shade of vines, with focaccia, mussels, and caprese salad to die for.  The food is fresh, delicate, and will make your taste buds scream for more.  It's also very reasonably priced.  We have no idea how to get back there, because we were lost walking around for 20 minutes before we found the residential street, but you'll most likely be able to find it if you ask a local or get lost for long enough. 

L'acqua delle Donne - Trevignano Romano, Italy

Near the Bracciano Lake is a mouth watering Italian restaurant with dishes like pear filled ravioli in a sage butter sauce...and that is just a first course!  The setting is serene, with tables perched under the trees of a garden, you'll feel like you're a guest in someone's back yard being served grandma's food made with love from scratch. 

Cucina di Bettina - Blue Grotto, Malta

We only tried their infamous cheese and fizzy drink, Kinnie, but it wouldn't have been possible if we weren't invited in by the generous owner of this small cafe at the top of the Blue Grotto.  We were welcomed in, offered food, and engaged in conversation that led us to miss the next three buses back to town!  The friendliness and generosity of the Maltese is so sincere that you quickly feel like you really are in Bettina's kitchen.  

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