We had a wonderful honeymoon in the south of Spain thanks to Habby Travels! Overwhelmed and tired from wedding planning, they took over planning even the smallest details of our honeymoon, leaving us to just enjoy the wonderful trip. We stayed in five beautiful hotels, each recommended by Habby Travels. They even took care of our daily activities, including site seeing, food, transportation,  and performances. They also suggested what we should try at certain restaurants and they were spot on. I made my husband return to one place twice because I so loved the shrimp bruschetta that Habby Travels recommended! It was a truly unforgettable trip. Thank you to Habby Travels for making it possible! -Moe & Juhayna, San Francisco

We would like to thank Habby Travels for helping us plan another memorable trip this time to Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid! The trip was perfect and it was all do to habby travels! Our favorite stop was of course Paris, it was just a beautiful city and we enjoyed walking around getting lost in the streets, there was always something to do or see around every corner! We were very than...kful for the detailed itinerary that was printed out for us and created by Zeina, it literally kept us organized and on track (basically saved our lives). The itinerary provided us detailed information on what to do day by day and we enjoyed everything that was recommended! Thank you Habby travels for making this a trip we will never forget! We will definitely be coming back to you for our next trip! - K&I, Brooklyn

"I recently used Habby Travels to book, plan, and organize a trip to Istanbul, Turkey with my mom and had a wonderful experience.  This was our first trip to Istanbul and we had absolutely no idea where to begin.  I contacted Habby Travels to help me and they immediately started working on our trip.  They took care of booking our flight and hotel, and also offered to book any cruises or tours we were interested in taking.  After taking care of our flight and hotel, Habby Travels sent me a thorough list of places to visit in Istanbul with detailed descriptions to select from.  After I got back to them with the places we were interested in seeing, they put together a day by day trip itinerary for us to follow.  Not only did Habby Travels plan and organize our trip, they were extremely knowledgeable of traveling in general.  They provided us with a lot of information that we hadn't even thought about.   It really worked out beautifully!  They made our trip hassle and stress free!   I am thrilled with the services Happy Travels provided and absolutely plan on using them again for my next trip." - Nadya, VA

"My wife and I had an amazing trip to Thailand. Thanks to Habby Travels, we stayed in a nice hotel in Bangkok, and two in Phuket. The first two were nice and the final one was an amazing resort in Phuket right on the beach. Habby Travels made the trip fun for us by suggesting various landmarks such as the Big Buddha and various temples along with markets and popular areas to visit. In addition, Habby travels also suggested restaurants in both Bangkok and Phuket to try out, which all had beautiful viewpoints to watch the sunset. The excursions were thrilling as we went on elephant rides, visited the Tiger Kingdom, and went on an all day trip to various islands and beautiful beaches in Phuket. Overall it was the best vacation we have ever been on. For future vacations, we will definitely go with Habby Travels!!"

- Shady & Siham, New York

"For my 30th birthday I decided to travel to Italy…for the first time ever. At first the trip started out with one person but ended up being a group of six. My brother and his wife highly recommended Habby Travels to work out our hotels and itinerary and we went for it. We figured it would be easier than just guessing what hotels and layout of the trip would work for us. And it wasn’t just one city; we wanted to visit 4-5 cities in 10 days! We asked our itinerary include Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples and Capri. And it worked out perfectly.

The layout of the trip and order of the cities was perfect. The hotel staffs were very welcoming as well. Most, if not all of them, were in convenient locations which made navigating around easier. The “tips and tricks” provided also helped navigate some of our, “When should we do this” type of questions. In fact, there were moments when we did something, then later on read our itinerary and said, “Guess we should have read this before going here.”

We recommend Habby Travels if you are traveling somewhere abroad and have the slightest clue about hotels, distance between attractions, transportation, etc."   

- Eric C. & Friends, New Jersey

"My wife and I decided to spend our honeymoon in Hawaii and Habby Travels took care of everything! Our flight, transportation, and hotel accommodations were fantastic; we didn’t have to worry about booking anything! They made sure to reserve in advance any major activity we were interested in and they offered trip itinerary suggestions catered to what we wanted to do.  They made sure to handle all of the logistics so that my wife and I could enjoy our time in paradise.  We were able to explore, experience, and be captivated by Hawaii’s beautiful landscapes and very welcoming people.  We spent four adventurous nights in Oahu’s Waikiki Beach and three beautiful nights in Maui’s Ka’anapali Beach.  Thank you for all the hard work and time you dedicated towards making our honeymoon truly unforgettable! We will definitely be reaching out to Habby Travels the next time we travel!!!!"  - Adrian & Paula, VA

"My wife and twin 3 year olds recently traveled to Hong Kong for a
week's vacation.  With so many options in so many locations we relied
on Habby Travels to sort through the hundreds of hotels and to suggest
the best options based on our requirements.  We settled on the Hyatt
Regency in Tsim Sha Tsui, TST to the locals, based on the location
right above the subway, access to the K11 mall and grocery store, and
a balance of price versus amenities.  

The highlight of our trip was getting to open Hong Kong Disney.  Each morning the staff selects one family to "open" the park with a special Mickey key and lock.  My wife made sure we got to the park before they opened and that the kids were dressed in their best Mickey outfits.  We got to bypass the lines and we were the first to enter the park, we got to take pictures with the staff, and we got a certificate documenting the event.  Hong Kong is an amazing and vibrant city and Habby Travels made our hotel selection process simple and worry free."  
 - The Eisenberg Family, Japan

"The trip was amazing. My favorite part was being able to enjoy the experience with out the stress of having to plan anything. I loved the detail itinerary that you wrote out made everything so much easier. Knowing that the honeymoon was planned out for us was  a huge relief and your input as to what to do at each stop of the cruise was great.  We were able to visit landmarks all around Europe. I personally learned a great deal about the history and have a new found respect for architecture because of some of the beautiful buildings we saw.We got to take a walk around the Vatican which was an unforgettable experience. 

All in all I was very happy with the trip. I am a client for life as I truly value the work and detailed planning you did for us. I have spoken to several people about your company and hope they will reach out to you for their upcoming travel needs. I do know that I will most definitely be reaching out to you the next time I travel. Thank you for planning the most memorable honeymoon I could have imagined."  - Anas & Noor, NYC

"We had a great time in Puerto Rico thanks to Habby Travels!  We didn't have to worry about planning many of the small details of our trip because they took  care of it all!  From transportation to our hotel, and reservations at one of the best restaurants, as well as suggestions on where to go each day, they made sure our bases were covered.  This trip felt a lot more stress-free because of their help planning our itinerary.  Thank you for making our trip so Habby! Can't wait to plan another trip with you!" 

- The Al-Jijakli Family, NYC

"We never went on a cruise before so we didn't know how to even organize it.  Habby Travels did everything for us. They found us a great cruise itinerary, booked it and also our flights, and arranged so that we arrived to Rome 2 days before departure.  They found us a great hotel in the center, we could walk everywhere, and they confirmed our Vatican and Colosseum tours.  The thing that really helped us was the private car from the airport to our hotel because it was stress free and better than a taxi or taking the train with all our luggage.  Habby Travels also organized us to take tours at different cruise ports, things even the ship didn't offer, like a walking tour of Athens.  If we had questions we knew we can always call or email the company and they were there for us. It was also nice that they followed up with us when we returned and asked how our trip was.  We will use Habby Travels again." - Jesse & Laila, Washington, DC

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